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Hello and thank you for visiting our family!  We are located in Austin, Texas near the beautiful Hill Country.  Our Aussies are family members and share our home with my husband Eric, my daughter Jennifer, and my two sons Kyle and Dustin. We all share in the raising, training, and loving of this exceptional breed. Helen (me) and Jennifer actively show in conformation, agility, and herding. We strongly believe that Aussies are exceptional dogs and enjoy many outlets.

How we happened upon the Aussies.....

We have raised, trained and shown other breeds to included German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Labradors. A friend had an Aussies litter and although my heart was set on another German Shepherd, my husband convince me to bring home the Aussie…what was another dog. We obtained our first Australian Shepherd Sunny, in 1995.  From the first moment we brought Sunny home, we knew this was the breed for us.  Shortly thereafter, Sky joined our family who is very near and dear to our hearts.  In 2002, we bred our first litter and started our official Aussie kennel “Madalays Australian Shepherd”. We have never looked back….
We are members of USASA, ASCA, TASSA (our local ASCA club),SWASA  and K9Xpress (local agility club).  Our Aussies are AKC and ASCA registered. The health and welfare of our dogs are of the utmost importance to us.  All dogs used in our breeding program have been tested extensively for health issues and are OFA at 2 years of age and eye CERF yearly

Our First Aussie Sunny with Clint LIvingston
We all have become very passionate in our love and concern for the preservation of the Australian Shepherd breed that has become one of the fastest growing breeds in America today. We believe careful consideration should be given to the genetic health of all breeding adults. Our goal is to have each generation be an improvement on the generation before.
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